Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, Peter Claymore has been living in NYC since 1987.  Some 30 years ago, his very first audition resulted in his being cast as the lead in Finian's Rainbow.  Claymore went on to pursue a highly successful career as an endodontist but never lost his abiding passion for the arts -- and for acting in particular.  In recent years, Claymore decided to listen to his original muse and give acting a shot. Thanks in large part to the suggestions of patients and friends, he has been cast in a number of productions, both on the small and large screens as well as on stage.

    At his first movie audition Claymore landed the role of "Doc" -- an educated but street-wise gangster -- in an independent film, Insidious, a small part that grew with each rehearsal into a significant supporting role.  Claymore can be seen in a recurring role in HBO's Boardwalk Empire -- co-starring in 9 episodes over the first four seasons.  More recently, Claymore opens the 3rd episode of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix.  He has also acted on the stage -- most recently appearing as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Fezziwig, opposite Austin Pendelton's Scrooge, in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" at the Abingdon Theater in NYC.  

   Claymore has also been featured in a number of commercials, including national campaigns for Atari and Kodak. He continues to hone his skills in acting classes - most recently w/ Reed Birney, after studying or yearsin Austin Pendelton's Advanced Scene Study class at HB Studios.  

    When asked about a dream role, Claymore says, "Any period piece!  There is nothing like dressing and acting in a bygone era - the costumes, the dialects, exploring the feel of past times.....Without question though, I would love to be cast in a dirty, gritty Western -- and any man in his right mind should want to do the same!"Here is a link to Peter's IMDB page : Peter Claymore iMDb